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Thanks to advances in dental technology, losing a tooth no longer has to have a permanent impact on your smile. Insight Dentistry offers high-quality dental implants for all patients looking to fill in the gaps in their smiles with a modern and effective solution. Get started with your dental implants today and schedule a visit by phone or online to their clinic in Ventura, California.

Implants Q & A

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a synthetic tooth root made from a titanium alloy embedded in your jawbone. Your dentist or oral surgeon plants your implant in your jawbone with minor surgery. The titanium alloy of your implant is biocompatible, which means that your body doesn’t process it as a foreign substance. Instead, your jawbone fuses with your dental implant as you heal. This process is known as osseointegration.

The team at Insight Dentistry can use your dental implant as a foundation for a high-quality restoration, like a porcelain crown, bridge, or dentures. This combination gives you a replacement tooth that’s structurally and functionally identical to your natural teeth. 

Why should I get a dental implant?

Dental implants are one of the most technologically advanced solutions for replacing a missing tooth. Unlike bridges or dentures, dental implants can replace both your tooth root and the surface area of your tooth. 

Replacing your tooth root has significant advantages for your oral health. Your jawbone needs constant stimulation in order to stay strong and healthy, otherwise, the bone tissue can begin to deteriorate, which gives your face a sunken-in appearance. Because your dental implants are attached directly to your jawbone, they provide your bone tissue with that much-needed support and help to stave off bone loss.

Dental implants also look natural and beautiful. When you get a restoration fitted to your dental implant, the team at Insight Dentistry designs them specifically for your unique smile so that they have perfect function and occlusion and feel comfortable and natural in your mouth. 

How do I care for my dental implants?

Because dental implants are structurally similar to a natural tooth, they don’t require any special care or maintenance. You simply clean them regularly like the rest of your teeth by brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and maintaining regular cleanings and checkups with the team at Insight Dentistry. Dental implants are known for having a high success rate, so if you keep them clean, your dental implants will last you a long time.

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